"No matter what we may be doing at any given moment,

we must not forget that it has a bearing upon our everlasting self which is poetry."

Matsuo Basho

quickening sky


sketches of poetry and place


Words of the great poets run through my head conjuring their poems into reality and appearing before me as I walk through the hush of a snow-covered forest. I see their words in light illuminating freshly fallen rain on a blade of beach grass and in the wind moving clouds across the sky at dawn. Clarity and gratitude flood me, for I have discovered with reverence that this peninsula is living poetry - bountiful and awe-inspiring.


Sketches is a meditation on the natural world inspired by poetic symbolism and metaphor. Though American poets from the first half of the 20th century have greatly influenced my work, it is haiku that has triggered fresh awareness. In an act of recognition, the images in this series narrow life to a single moment in its purest essence. Soft focus acts as a metaphor for memory while sharpness is a celebration of new discovery. The 17th century Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho has deepened my vision through his haiku:


it was with awe that I beheld
fresh leaves, green leaves
bright in the sun


Unifying the work is a common thread of impermanence symbolizing the parallels of nature and the human condition. Deep blacks serve as weight to the whites offering balance and harmony humbly expressing a moment observed.


Moored concepts of poetry and minimalism have accompanied my pilgrimage into the natural landscape. In all four seasons, my experience in making this body of work has been both an external and internal journey merging subject and mood. Mindfully using my camera as a sketchbook, I have sketched transient and subtle beauty found in all cycles of life.


Silence-soaked and rhythmic, these visual sketches inspired by poetry and place celebrate an eclectic mindset that I discovered sublimely lingers in
shadow and light.


suzanne rose


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  • miller art museum
  • sturgeon bay, wisconsin
  • exhibtion closed july 17, 2012